The Ford Trustmark Design Program offers up to $750,000 in matching funds for facilities investments

 All Ford brand dealers are eligible. The matching funds will cover up to half the cost of a project. The program gives dealers flexibility to design their facilities to meet local business conditions as long as they stay within Trustmark guidelines. Automotive Architect has completed multiple Ford auto dealership design projects.

The Ford Trustmark Design Program consists of several major interior and exterior elements.

 Exterior Requirements

A new curved entry tower and large brand wall, both with ACM exterior metal cladding. The entry tower and brand wall will each have blue Ford oval signage by AGI. Dealer name signage will be installed on the Brand Wall opposite of the blue Ford oval signage. Additional material and paint scheme are required for the remainder of the showroom and service building.

 Interior Requirements

Major interior elements that are required by all Ford auto dealerships include new Ford tile, wood laminate accent walls, blue quartz countertops, and new paint scheme throughout customer areas including restrooms. In addition Ford specific reception desk, credenza and service writer desks are required.

 Automotive Architect is familiar with the complete Ford Trustmark Design program requirements, as such we design a custom solution for each Ford dealer. We start by analyzing the dealer’s revenue streams and future growth potential. By doing so we focus our construction dollars on areas that will provide the greatest impact on the dealer’s bottom line while insuring compliance with the Ford Trustmark Design Program.

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