UNIVERSAL TOYOTA, San Antonio, Texas. New Car Facility which includes new showroom, Sales Area, Service Area with 60 stalls, Quick Lube and all support facilities, approximately 97,000 SF. Presently (March 2008) the largest Toyota Dealership in Texas.

NORTHSIDE FORD, IH-281 & NAKOMA, San Antonio, Texas. Remodeling of former K-Mart Building. 143,000 SF

TOYOTA NEW CAR DEALERSHIP, I-1O & Callaghan, San Antonio, Texas. New construction: New Car Facility to reflect the new “Toyota Style” which included a Sales / Showroom Area as well as an Automobile Service Area.  37,000 SF.

MERCEDES BENZ OF SAN ANTONIO, San Pedro, San Antonio, Texas. Redesign of exterior façade to comply with Mercedes Benz new look. Currently in design phase.

BENSON HONDA, San Pedro & Isom, San Antonio, Texas. New Construction and/or Remodeling and Addition. Currently in design phase.

CHRYSLER / JEEP USED CAR DEALERSHIP, IH10 & UTSA Blvd., San Antonio, Texas. Add a new Showroom to the existing Sales Building to reflect the new “Dodge Style”as well as add a new automobile service building with support facilities.

UNIVERSAL CHRYLSER NEW CAR DEALERSHIP, I-35 , Universal City, Texas. New automobile dealership to include new Sales / Showroom Building as well as New Automotive Service Building. 19,222 SF

UNIVERSAL TOYOTA USED CAR DEALERSIP, I-35, San Antonio, Texas. New Toyota Used Car Sales Building which includes attached Automobile Service Facilities. 5,870 SF

TOYOTA USED CAR DEALERSHIP, I-10 & Callaghan, San Antonio, Texas. New used car facility. This is consider to be Phase One.   

RED McCOMBS ISUZU SERVICE BUILDING, 1-10 & 410, San Antonio, Texas. New construction New Service Bay facility. 4,393 SF


BOB RICHARDSON CHEVROLET, Pleasanton, Texas. Newconstruction: New Car Facility which includes a new Showroom / Sales Area as well as an attached Automotive Service Building.


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