The Guiding Principle for Toyota Image USA II:

  • Protect and strengthen the brand identity

  • Create and amazing experience and associates

  • Enhance capacity, maximize sales, improve market share and revenue

 The Toyota Image USA II Program consists of several major interior and exterior elements.

 Exterior Requirements

A new white illuminated glass entry portal and silver ACM and red band metal cladded exterior. Also required is a clearly identified Service Entrances enable the customer to readily recognize the Service function location. 

 Interior Requirements

The showroom interior is designed to offer customers a series of logical, engaging and comfortable interaction areas within the dealership; from greeter station, to the differentiated showroom, to the new vehicle delivery area. The indoor writeup lanes offer convenience and comfort to the visiting guests.

 Automotive Architect is familiar with the complete Toyota Image USA II program process as such we design a custom solution for each Toyota dealer. We start by analyzing the dealer’s revenue streams and future growth potential. By doing so we focus our construction dollars on areas that will provide the greatest impact on the dealer’s bottom line while insuring compliance with the Toyota Image USA II design program.

 Automotive Architect has been actively engaged in providing architectural services throughout the United States. During the last 31 years Robert Guajardo has developed a strong client base which continues to expand primarily through referrals from satisfied clients. Automotive Architect is a full service architectural and interior design firm that specialized in automotive dealerships, service centers, and body shops. With a background in architecture, visualization, and real restate development we offer more then a standard architecture firm.

 The owner and architect Robert Guajardo received his Bachelor and Master of Architecture degrees from Texas A&M University. Mr. Guajardo is a registered Architect in the State of Texas and Colorado and a registered Interior Designer in the State of Texas.

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